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GET teaches a set of New-Skills inspired by the Person-Centered Approach and adapted for use in goal oriented relationships. Most trainees acquire a radically new perspective on what it means to communicate, relate and achieve goals most effectively.

Trainees discover that learning how to take responsibility for who, what and where they are in the present moment increases their personal power, influence and satisfaction at work. They discover, for example, that blaming others is a no-win strategy. Trainees learn to thoroughly understand the goals and expectations of others. They also gain the self-confidence to be honest and direct with others while at the same time showing sincere respect. These powerful New-Skills allow relationships to flourish, information to flow freely and quality work to be achieved.

Using the New-Skills requires learning some different approaches to communicating and relating that often seems strange, awkward and even risky at first. Great instruction, creative group interaction and on-the-job practice are needed to truly appreciate the New-Skills and to use them artfully. If our responses to questions are puzzling to you, you are not alone and we are not surprised! We want to be brief and also to be as clear as possible. It's not simple. Please feel free to point out areas that are unclear.

Our answers and advice are not expected to solve complex problems - it's not that easy! However, we hope our responses and suggestions will provide some insight into the situation in question that will lead towards resolution. It is also our hope that readers will gain some understanding about GET's approach to challenges.

We invite you to send questions related to personal difficulties you are having in your organization. Questions about specific problems are welcomed. You will receive one or more responses by Email as soon as possible. Questions of general interest may be edited and posted here along with the staff response(s) and follow-up questions and comments.

Questions and follow-up responses will be posted anonymously. Identities and Email addresses will be kept strictly confidential.

Questions and/or responses may be submitted by Email to: forum@go-get.org