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Global Effectiveness Training personnel and the late Dr. Carl Rogers, all members of the Center for Studies of the Person (CSP), have written the papers below. These papers and others can be found on the CSP web site, www.centerfortheperson.org. They are all in a PDF format.

  • Kolpachnikov on Psychotechnology and Tolerance
          The Person-Centered Approach as a psychotechnical system.
          The Person-Centered Approach and Tolerance.

    This research by the Russian psychologist, Veniamin V. Kolpachnikov, Ph.D., was supported by a grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York and administered by National Council for Eurasian and East European Research in conjunction with American Councils for International Education (ACTR/ACCELS). Venya said he had two aims for the paper. The first was to analyze the person-centered approach as a psychotechnical system of the development of a person from the point of view of the psychotechnical approach, which is an important new development in modern Russian psychology. The second aim was to describe a perspective on tolerance by people competent in the person-centered approach.

  • Meador on Healthcare
          Helping Healthcare Care, chapter, The Person-Centered Approach: Applications for Living. David Meador offers suggestions for improving the system of healthcare delivery in the United States, particularly, that would be of benefit to patients, their families, physicians and auxiliary caregivers.

  • Rogers on Communicating
          Barriers and Gateways to Communication, Excerpts from Harvard Business Review, Vol. XXX, No 4. The pioneering American psychologist, Carl R. Rogers, said he wanted to present two ideas. "(1) I wish to state what I believe is one of the major factors in blocking or impeding communication. And then (2) I wish to present what in our experience has proved to be a very important way of improving or facilitating communication."

  • Rogers & Farson on Listening
          Excerpt from Communicating in Business Today. 1987. Carl R. Rogers collaborated with Richard E. Farson on this article. Farson was a colleague of Rogers at the Western Behavioral Sciences Institute and is a prominent pioneer in organizational innovation and communication.

  • S. Scharwz on Medical Practice
          Person Centered Medical Practice. Susan Bonner Schwarz, Ph.D., PA-C, has written a fascinating account of how her medical practice has evolved from the relatively small scale treatment of disadvantaged people to working in an ultra-modern health maintenance organization (HMO). She describes the difficulties and rewards of applying a person centered approach to her practice.

  • Stillwell on COMPLAINING
          Complaining (Quejas). Will Stillwell, Ph.D., an expert on conflict resolution in organizations, wrote this paper in response to a newspaper column reporting on work done by organizational psychologist Bruce Katcher.
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