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                    About David Meador

David Meador, Director

David Meador is the lead trainer/facilitator and director of Global Effectiveness Training (GET). GET is a Project of the Center for Studies of the Person (CSP) in La Jolla, California, where David is a Senior Fellow. He was a Director of CSP and he has headed several of its projects, including the La Jolla Program that has attracted more than ten thousand participants from over twenty countries. He was a student and colleague of the world-renowned psychologist, Dr. Carl R. Rogers, from 1970 until Rogers' death in 1987.

David has the designation of Senior Trainer in the Person-Centered Approach. He has presented at numerous universities and institutes and has trained and facilitated in a variety of national and international workshops and conferences. He has consulted, facilitated, and done training for businesses, governmental agencies, NGOs, healthcare and mental healthcare providers, and educational institutions.

David says, "I get a lot of satisfaction from being able to help people gain the skills and confidence to communicate genuinely, establish meaningful relationships and move toward achieving their goals. To relax, I love reading, traveling and being in nature. At home in Thailand, I like to dabble in gardening and woodworking. My wife, Jeab, and I have fun playing pool."

David B. Hopkins, MATL, MIA, Academic Director, TEFL International, writes:

"David Meador is a consummate professional in analyzing interactional needs and promoting communication in organizational settings. In my observations of David in the language classroom, he clearly shows he understands the necessity of engaging the whole person in the learning dynamic. Language learning is a process that requires individuals to communicate in real and personal terms. David knows how to make this happen."

David L. Reid, Senior Vice President, retired, Herman Miller, a Fortune 500 company, writes in part:

"David, you were a terrific resource and help with the work team development we did at Milcare. Your sincere commitment to help people become more effective in their business relationships was essential to the success of our program. Your insights into human dynamics and the natural group process have helped me improve our business significantly over the past three years."

Daniel Duffy, M.D., Senior Vice President, American Board of Internal Medicine, writes in part:

"I am confident that Mr. Meador can be of substantial value in any setting involving physicians, patients and healthcare workers. His sensitivity and understanding of the field and his highly honed skills of helping people work through complex interpersonal interactions, is of truly high value in the health care environment."

Robert W. Collie, Senior Vice President, retired, Ford Motor Credit Co., and instructor at the University of Michigan, School of Management, writes in part:

"David Meador is highly qualified to provide contract services in group facilitation, communications training and other Human Resource activities. He has unique abilities to inspire confidence and help participants improve their interpersonal communication skills. He is a creative problem solver."

Mack Lipkin, Jr., M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, New York University, School of Medicine, writes in part:

"In brief, David Meador is a world-class facilitator of small groups, a teacher about small group process, and small group therapist. He is truly extraordinary… Were he here in New York, I would do everything possible to bring him into our institution."

Thomas L. Gillette, Ph.D., O.D. consultant; Professor and Chairman, retired, Department of Sociology, California State University at San Diego, writes:

"I have worked with many, many professional facilitators in my life. David is clearly at the top of that group. He is a person of unquestioned integrity. He also has the rare ability to empathize with just about anyone. Race, ethnicity, age, gender and the rest of those differentiating variables do not block his sense of the human in all of us. He also has a wonderful sense of humor."