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Statement of Purpose

Core Communication Skills

The purpose of Global Effectiveness Training (GET) is to promote respectful, equitable, and healthy interpersonal relationships that encourage autonomy and mutuality. GET teaches powerful communication skills and highly effective relationship strategies. Trainees learn how to establish meaningful goals, work efficiently with others, produce top quality results and achieve common objectives. This skill set has intercultural applications that promote respect, understanding and satisfaction in diverse settings. The GET skills target personal and cooperative success. GET's training and educational programs produce results that are highly effective in business, in the various helping professions, indeed in all organizations - including the family and political arenas around the globe.


GET is optimistic and envisions a world evolving toward human well being and environmental responsibility. We look forward to a world of equitable sharing of resources - not fearful hoarding. GET supports those working toward a world where parents have the resources to nourish their children and are not forced to exploit them.

GET is working toward a world that recognizes the synergistic value of autonomy and mutuality. We are teaching individuals and organizations ways to promote effective personal relationships based on confidence and care - and less on fear.

GET envisions a world where people are not threatened by differences, but rather see the value of diversity, where people are neither ashamed nor afraid to be true to their ideals, and where people have learned not to be afraid to care.


GET places its highest value on influencing the quality of human respect and caring. What we mean by respect is a regard for, an honoring and accepting of, our common human essence. At our core is our goodness - our potential to be respectful, understanding, and caring.

GET makes the assumption, carefully, that humankind, and its institutions, are fundamentally well intentioned. GET knows that increasing personal effectiveness within organizations contributes to personal and organizational success and satisfaction. Consciously linking personal and organizational success to respectful and effective relationships will promote well being in the world.


We will pursue our mission of contributing to effectiveness, respect and tolerance in the world by teaching extraordinary methods of interpersonal communicating and relating that are based on the Person Centered Approach (PCA).

PCA was developed by the pioneering American psychologist Carl R. Rogers (1902-1987). His early work focused on psychotherapy with individuals. He worked with groups and demonstrated that his ideas about individuals were valid for groups, too. A documentary film about his small-group work, Because That's My Way, won an Academy Award.

He applied PCA to whole organizations that sought to be revitalized and more effective. His acclaimed book, Freedom To Learn, set the stage for what is known today as "student-centered learning."

Later he applied PCA principles to political conflict. His work in Northern Ireland and Central America earned him a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. The Los Angles Times identified Rogers' 1961 classic, On Becoming a Person, as one of the 100 most influential books of the twentieth century. The American Psychological Association presented Rogers with its two most prestigious scientific and professional awards and recently named him the most influential psychotherapist of the twentieth century. The Journal of Counseling Psychology ranked his work as number one in terms of most durable influence in the field of counseling psychology.

Rogers thought that people had the potential within themselves to be more successful, mature, self-aware, empowered, and satisfied. He demonstrated that when people related to each other in three particular ways, they were likely to function, as persons, more successfully.

Rogers discovered that in a personal relationship, if one person in the relationship can understand the other person very well, and temporarity stop evaluating and judging that person, that other person can discover things about himself that will help him to be more effective.

Another aspect of being effective in a relationship is learning how - and when - to be honest and sincere with another person. Rogers discovered ways to be genuine - not fake - that didn't cause the other person to feel threatened or afraid.

A third relationship skill Rogers discovered is being able to listen to another person and truly understand what that person is saying. Hearing a person's words is just the beginning step to really understanding all that she or he is communicating.

GET has borrowed from the PCA principles and adapted them for training purposes. GET calls them the "New Skills." They are the keys to effective interpersonal communication and dynamic, respectful, and responsible personal relationships.

GET offers consulting, coaching, teaching, and training to public and private sectors: businesses, non-governmental organizations, health-care and mental health-care providers, institutions of learning, and individuals. GET will organize regional and international forums, conferences, and workshops.


Global Effectiveness Training (GET) is a project of the Center for Studies of the Person (CSP), a California-based, 501(c)(3) nonprofit education and research organization established in 1968. The following is an excerpt from the CSP Statement of Purpose:

The purpose of this Center shall be to explore the richness of the person; to help individuals discover and experience more fully in their own lives and relationships, even in their organizations, the wealth of what it means to be personal…. It will attempt, with all the power of accumulated experience and aspirations, both old and new, to be a laboratory for self-regulation, for people growing through examining and managing their own organizational lives. This Center intends to experience anew and in its own life the meaning of democracy and of community….



Utilizing GET's learning and training programs will improve personal and professional effectiveness and organizational efficiency. The New Skills have intercultural and global applications useful in establishing effective and satisfying interpersonal relationships and achieving shared goals. GET's mission is discovering and implementing the most effective means to sow the seeds of human respect. GET intends to contribute to well being around the globe and welcomes opportunities to teach and apply its craft. GET is open to collaborating with individuals and organizations and supporting the work of those with similar values and goals.